Neve Shalom Gallery

"Little Cayman," an excerpt from "The Conversation"

By Joan Lipkin and Kim Mosley

January 15 - March 31, 2007

Reception and discussion: Saturday, March 3, 7-8pm followed by Jacob's Pillow (live music with donation requested for concert only) at 8pm

Now Showing: Fridays in February 7 to 8 PM and Saturday mornings 10 AM to Noon.

Congregation Neve Shalom directions: for more information: 314-863-4366

The exhibit, "Little Cayman," represents an excerpt from "The Conversation," a nine-month collaboration by Joan Lipkin and Kim Mosley in which both artists pledged to create a daily piece that incorporated written and visual exchanges.

Kim writes, "In each of these digital paintings I express my response to a particularly poignant or emotional event described in Joan Lipkin's diaristic emails. Although meant to resolve the event in my mind, I am often intoxicated by the visual elements that are to me the most intriguing aspect of the art experience. I borrow many visual conventions from photography, and in particular, from Henri Cartier-Bresson's idea of the Decisive Moment that one moment depicts the essence of the entire event."

Joan Lipkin is the artistic director of That Uppity Theatre Company. A playwright, lyricist, director, educator and social activist, she is interested in dialogue of all kinds.

Kim Mosley has been making art since he was 12 and teaching at St. Louis Community College for over 30 years. Prior to taking on the role as Dean of Liberal Arts in 2004, he was a professor in the art program at the college.

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