Committed Caring Faith Communities

Neve Shalom was a constituent supporter of the Committed Caring Faith Communities (CCFC). Rabbi Goodman was affiliated with the group since its founding in 1995.

CCFC Vision

Faith organizations leading the charge to create wholeness
in families and communities.

Our Mission

To empower and support faith organizations in their substance abuse prevention, treatment, recovery, and related services.

Our Strategy

We stand in the gap to empower faith organizations to lead the charge for wholeness in families and communities by promoting spirituality, creating awareness, and providing education and training.

Our Values

Our Goals

The faith community will become more knowledgeable about substance abuse, addiction, and related issues.

Faith communities throughout the country will take the lead in organizing their communities to address substance abuse and related issues.

Faith communities throughout Missouri will establish ministries/programs to address substance abuse and related issues.

A broader range of substance abuse pre-treatment, prevention, treatment, and recovery support services will be offered by the faith community in Missouri.

CCFC will serve as the data resource center for faith-based organizations providing services in substance abuse and related issues.

CCFC will have the resources needed to provide educational support as well as training to faith organizations throughout the state of Missouri and beyond.


Addiction is not about substances but about personalities that become attached to substances, about the emptiness into which a person drinks, into which a person takes drugs, gambles, lives to excess. It's about emptiness and excess, because a substance can never fill that kind of emptiness. More is never enough. It's not about substances, it's about spirit. Such a problem is not cured, it is transcended.