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Rabbi James Stone Goodman

 Rabbi James Stone Goodman serves both Congregation Neve Shalom, in Creve Coeur, and the Central Reform Congregation, in St. Louis city. He is also founder and director of Shalvah ("Shalvah" means "serenity" in Hebrew), an outreach program devoted to teaching resources for recovery from alcoholism and other addictions.

Rabbi Goodman is a teacher of meditation and writes and lectures frequently on the techniques of spiritual development. His special interest is the subject of Jewish mysticism, the Kabbalah.

Rabbi Goodman writes fiction, poetry,and leads a musical group producing original music, combining story, poetry, and music in a performance art mix. They have produced five CDs, available at

He is married to Rabbi Susan Talve. They have three children, which are, of course, his only real accomplishment.

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Rabbi Goodman may be reached via email at and by telephone at (314)863-4366. His personal web site is

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