Neve Shalom Concerts


Not sure, I'm working with so many interesting people these days.



Jacob's Pillow celebrates our teachers, inspirations, and influences with original ceremonies of poetry, music, visual arts, and sacred story. The ceremony is led by Rabbi James Stone Goodman and his conventicle of musical friends.


All events are on Saturday night unless otherwise stated, and lucullan delicacies are always served.


I'm going to keep this schedule up here, to remind myself of past events.


Shlomuna (Reb Shlomo)

                  Honoring Reb Shlomo Carlebach, who gave me my name.


Lights, TBA

                  We honor artist Ben-Zion and tell the stories or the Legend of the Thirty-Six.


Shabbos Shirah (Song Festival), TBA


Mystic Love Concert, TBA

                  The purest form of romantic love, in poetry, music and something else.


Mystic Purim Concert, TBA

                  We become masters of our masks.


Mystic Freedom Concert, TBA

                  In gratitude for the gift that freedom is.


Shimona (Rav Shimon Bar Yochai), TBA

                  Honoring Bar Yochai, the paradigm of Jewish mystical teachers.


No Such Thing As Organized Crime, TBA

                  Respecting my fascination with the unseemly. A darn good story.


Luriana, TBA

                  Honoring the holy Ari, the great Jewish mystic of 16th century Tzefat.


The Night of Murdered Poets, TBA

                  Remembering the attempted murder of Yiddish culture in Europe.


All events take place at Congregation Neve Shalom, #6 Millstone Campus Drive, in the Chai Bldg, St, Louis, 63146. A modest donation for the concert will be requested at the door.


You may call 314-222-9864 for more information.