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Sara Paula Hoffman

A St. Louis based artist, Sara Paula Hoffman has created paintings inspired by Henrik Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House." She is an artist, art educator, and lecturer regarding her work and its connection to Ibsen's play. She has exhibited regionally, at the Hopper House Gallery in New York and in Taipei, Taiwan.

Sara investigates her Midwestern roots by "re-visiting" her family photographs in small format, oil on panel paintings. The works present a contemporary drama stamped with everyday life - precise and richly detailed much like Ibsen's stage direction.

The Center for Ibsen Studies at the University of Oslo will present

a solo exhibition of:

"The Doll House Paintings" by Sara Paula Hoffman on view during:

The 11th International Ibsen Conference, Oslo , Norway , August 21 - 27, 2006

The International conference, held every three years, is attended by highly acclaimed Ibsen scholars across the globe. In the United States , Yale and Long Island Universities have hosted the event in the past.

This year marks the Centennial of Henrik Ibsen's death. Comprehensive plans are in place to commemorate this anniversary in his birthplace - Oslo, Norway .

The solo exhibition of "The Doll House Paintings" is a unique cultural exchange exhibition

that plays an important role in our nation's public diplomacy. The work will prompt, as it has in past exhibits, communication which includes concepts on social structure, roles, religion, and spiritual awakening with an International audience. The artist plans to conduct research at The Center for Ibsen Studies in order to further develop her work into "The Nora Project" as "Nora" continues to inspire women around the world.

For more information e-mail or call 314.918.1821

The website for the conference is: