Neve Shalom Education

Teaching Our Children

"To teach each other and our children the traditional languages, arts and ideas of Judaism."

 This is the sixth of the ten principles on which Congregation Neve Shalom was founded. It begins with "to teach each other...."

At Neve Shalom, we have an activegroup of students many of whom we expect to become teachers.That's how it works, when someone learns something that is dear to him, she passes it along with enthusiasm and purpose.

 We depend on the spirit of transmission that arises when the student becomes the teacher,training new students, and we believe that is how Torah will be maintained in Israel.

We try to create an imaginative and innovative school.

We meet many more times than the  conventional schools.Thus, we have been able to cover a great deal.Rather than just touching the surface of topics we like to have the children delve deeper.We discuss midrash, think about a lesson's relevance to our lives and even try to imagine how the story would unfold in today's world.