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The Book Of Splendor
Ten-fold Ceremony of Healing,
Inspiration, Poetry, and Jazz


    Live recording
    honoring teachers inspirations influences
    with a nod to the Sefer Zohar
    the Book of Splendor
    classic text of Kabbalah
    Jewish mysticism

  1. Invocation of Powers: the sources
  2. Rachamana
  3. En La Mar, By the Sea There is a Tower
  4. Prayer for Healing
  5. The Oud
  6. Everything has a dual nature
  7. Meditation on Bar Yochai
  8. Bar Yochai
  9. Elijah the Prophet
  10. Behold Her Descending Finale



a ceremony in ten

    I hear Motown in his voice,
    Spain in his guitar playing,
    Morocco in his percussion and oud,
    and jazz in his singing.

  1. Invocation 
  2. Lamentation 
  3. The Lost Blessing for Peace
  4. Rachamana/Ah Dio Piadozo
  5. Open the Door &
    Allow God to Enter Jam
  6. Adon Olam
    Master of the Universe
  7. The Heart of the World
  8. Everywhere God Dwells is Whole
    (Master of the Universe)
  9. The Heart of Blessing
  10. Behold Her Descending 

2nd Annual
Jewish Folk Festival 2000 CD

    It’s not show business, it’s ceremony.

  1. Lekhah Dodi story
  2. Lekhah Dodi song
  3. Rav Twerski’s Niggun
  4. The Soul’s Descent
  5. Makhmes Vos (For What)
  6. Welcome
  7. Nos. 1 and 2;
    You shall be only joyous
  8. How I Became A Klezmer
  9. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
    Raisins with Almonds
  10. The Story
  11. A Vision of The Shekhinah
    at The Wall
  12. En La Mar
  13. La America
  14. End Jam


D'Var Guitar CD

 a rare and cosmic event. 
  1. The Great Heart of the World
  2. Percussion jam
  3. Adon Olam
  4. I Feel the Necessity
  5. Intro: Al Tira
  6. Al Tira
  7. Breslov, a Story of Return
  8. Bar Yochai
  9. D’ror Yikra
  10. Flute Tambourine Jam


The Sefirot CD


we have attempted to track the sefirot through music. 
  1. Lekhah Dodi
  2. Mefazez
  3. Shamil
  4. Al Tira Avdi Yaakov
  5. Adon Olam
  6. Kol Ba-Ya-ar
  7. En La Mar
  8. Mikhele's Niggun
  9. Shalom Aleikhem
  10. Ein Keiloheinu