Neve Shalom Membership Information

Welcome to the community Neve Shalom.  I truly appreciate your support and it helps to do the good work we have taken on. 

I believe in a new/old model for the synagogue -- based on traditional sources, renewed with a spirit of innovation, risk, and reach.  I know you understand these concepts, and I am delighted that you have formally joined us. 

I hope it becomes an environment of fulfillment and joy for you.  I will do my best to create the space for that to happen, and I know you will make a great addition to our community.

Judaism is a big beautiful sea but it takes a little preparation to learn to float it.  Welcome to the pool.

Neve Shalom is an intentional community, by that I mean we set out to create something out of nothing that follows a higher standard than I was accustomed to.

I think the stakes are high.  My work teaches me daily that people are reaching for serious and imaginative responses to the challenges of living. They want real lives of depth and beauty and most people are not nourished by the cliches that pass for normative religion. I think this is an exciting time for religion as it is for politics, there are new paradigms on the horizon, and I intend to be a part of the creativity, optimism, and responsibility of creating a beautiful future. 

I am always touched when individuals share the vision.  -- jsg