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Counting of the Omer, 2007

Week 3 Intentions

Baruch atah adonay eloheynu melech ha'olam asher kidshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu al sefirat ha'omer.

Blessed are you, HASHEM, our God, who makes us holy with mitzvot and has commanded us to count the Omer.

Ha-yom chami-sha asar yom, shehaym sh'nay shavuot v'yom echad ba-omer. Today is fifteen days, which equals two weeks and one day of the Omer.

Chesed of Tiferet

compassion, like
      rivka and her pitcher; cool
            water to a thirsty soul.


We enter the third week of the Counting

chesed of tiferet

Mashpia part 3

Mishpia is the influence that you may
                      not recognize

This morning when you allowed me
                      to talk

Was a great mashpia
                      I am sure


completely open

your eyes meet mine directly

healing all my wounds



Yogic Union

Seemingly separate strands
our lives, overflow from above
a myriad of silver rivers, raining down
brilliant, in a convergant dance
woven together by ancient hands
unite in the holy yolk, tiferet-
in the center, in the heart of the cosmic
mystery, so beautiful, so connected
in this yogic union
we become the shimmering, complete.


Ha-yom shi-sha asar yom, shehaym sh'nay shavuot ushnay yamim ba-omer. Today is sixteen days, which equals two weeks and two days of the Omer.

Gevurah of Tiferet

violent upheavals
      once formed the mountains;
             just look at them now.


Today is the 16th day of the Counting

Gevurah of Tiferet

Mashpia part 6

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentor

There are only two book stores in the
                    entire world

Where problems are solved

And one that answers prayers
                    right now


A red rubber ball

still, for a moment, before

its decending arc


Ha-yom shiva asar yom, shehaym sh'nay shavuot ushlosha yamim ba-omer. Today is seventeen days, which equals two weeks and three days of the Omer.

Tiferet of Tiferet

audible ratios,
      disarming proportions--
            wisdom at play in the world.


The counting
today is tiferet in tiferet

Velvel Driving Home During the Time of the Counting

I am standing at the window of my kitchen
Looking out at the alley
When Velvel is driving home
He had sent me an e mail a week before
I miss you, he said, let's have tea
The camellia sinensis I am always available
The most excellent variety
Yellow buds Mao's favorite tea
I mention this in return to Velvel
I know he appreciates the sinensis
Still – it's a week later and I only glimpsed him
Driving down the alley from my perch
The window in my kitchen
House where I live

Three weeks now into the counting
Transforming lowly into lofty
Counting each day of the forty nine days
Into the word the thing itself the matter
Each day cleansing from the corruption of narrow places
Each week a posture ascending
One of seven essential qualities
Align my will with the world will
Three weeks into the counting
And I haven't sat with my friend Velvel
I am thinking
I am thinking
How am I to ready myself this way
Without him


Ha-yom shemonah asar yom, shehaym sh'nay shavuot v'arba-a yamim ba-omer. Today is eighteen days, which equals two weeks and four days of the Omer.

Netzach of Tiferet

there's this too about
      beauty: once ravished by it,
            it stays with you.


The Omer counting Day 18

Netzach in Tiferet

The sky is crying

Sometimes you just stand still

And hurt.


Ha-yom tisha asar yom, shehaym sh'nay shavuot va'chamisha yamim ba-omer. Today is nineteen days, which equals two weeks and five days of the Omer.

Hod of Tiferet

you stretch out your hand,
      i mine; in the exchange of
            kindness, who helps whom?



The counting, day 19, hod of tiferet

Masphia, part 8
Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring

We think we know but we don't

We think we know but we don't

Keep my mind open and my big mouth shut

We think we know

but we don't


Ha-yom esrim yom, shehaym sh'nay shavuot v'shi-sha yamim ba-omer. Today is twenty days, which equals two weeks and six days of the Omer.

Yesod of Tiferet

the old fiddler played
      his older fiddle, vessel
            of even older song.


The Counting Day 20
Yesod in Tiferet

TheRabbi taught me

to see myself in the

as if it were a

what is called

to see through a glass clearly

translucent also called in Hebrew

also called translating into


Ha-yom e-chad v'esrim yom, shehaym shlosha shavuot ba-omer.
Today is twenty-one days, which equals three weeks  of the Omer.

Malkut of Tiferet

"one thing I yearn for:
      to behold the beauty of YHWH
            and inquire in his holy place."


'Beauty is
As beauty does,'
That's what wise men say.

Annette Funicello


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