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Counting of the Omer, 2007

Week 6 Intentions

Baruch atah adonay eloheynu melech ha'olam asher kidshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu al sefirat ha'omer.

Blessed are you, HASHEM, our God, who makes us holy with mitzvot and has commanded us to count the Omer.

Ha-yom shi-sha u'sheloshim yom, shehaym chami-sha shavuot v'yom echad ba-omer.   Today is thirty-six days, which equals five weeks and one day of the Omer.

Chesed of Yesod

i'll never forget
     your saving gift of respons-


Mashpia part 16
Day 36 of the Counting
Chesed in Yesod

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring

In the heavenly

The crown was bound

To the head of the supernal

The font of

Bald as a

Sonny boy
        Come close



Ha-yom shiva u'sheloshim yom, shehaym chami-sha shavuot ushnay yamim ba-omer. Today is thirty-seven days, which equals five weeks and two days of the Omer.

Gevurah of Yesod

i've seen these tricks, heard
      these lies before; who am i
            to not pass judgment?


Mashpia part 17
Today is day 37 of the Counting
Gevurah in Yesod

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring

Overwhelmed I am
         Right now

         What you taught me

With these words
         This form

Anytime I choose
         I speak with you

I mean -- I am spoken to


Ha-yom shemonah u'sheloshim yom, shehaym  chami-sha shavuot u'shelosha yamim ba-omer.   Today is thirty-eight days, which equals five weeks and three days of the Omer

Tiferet of Yesod

messiah tends his
     wounds one at a time; perhaps
           today is the day.


Mashpia part 18
Today is day 38 of the Counting
Tiferet in Yesod

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring

He gave up the bean

In favor of meditation

Once he sat in the sand

Everywhere he gazed there was fire

Until he loved the world

All of it

He believed if he could do one thing

That right


He might repair

The earthly Detroit



Ha-yom tisha u'sheloshim yom, shehaym chami-sha shavuot va'arba-a yamim ba-omer Today is thirty-nine days, which equals five weeks and four days of the Omer

Netzach of Yesod

i hinder my own
     passage: a skillful swimmer
            would make fewer waves


Mashpia part 20
Netach in Yesod

Today is the 39th day of the Counting

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring

There were many kinds of

Resistance was in the

Some led by

Others by that crazy

I'm a man
I spell M



It is a wise man
Who keeps his options open
To experience  More

Michele C. Long

Ha-yom arba-im yom, shehaym chami-sha shavuot va'chamisha yamim ba-omer Today is forty days, which equals five weeks and five days of the Omer

Hod of Yesod

who is this, that has
      seen the horror of the pit
            and can still read dreams?


Today is day 40 of the Counting
Hod of Yesod

Mashpia part 20

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring


Lost my way
To the upper garden

Reverence for all things
Un – frozen

The work
Is everything

Disco diarist leading
With precision

Sharpen your pencil
He says



Hayom e-chad v'arbaim yom, shehaym  chami-sha shavuot v'shi-sha yamim ba-omer.  Today is forty-one days, which equals five weeks and six days of the Omer.

Yesod of Yesod

i come before you
     boldly, as an equal,
           to be forgiven.


Mashpia part 21

Today is day 41 of the counting
Yesod in Yesod

A Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring


Sourcing resourcing

An infinite regression

All I owe I am before

Before me there was you

Before you




Ha-yom sh'nayim v'arbaim yom, shehaym shi-sha shavuot ba-omer. Today is forty-two days, which equals six weeks of the Omer.

Malkut of Yesod

"let justice flow down
     like waters; righteousness like
             an unfailing stream."

Yesterday's chaiku adapted (stolen, really) from William Carlos Williams' "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower"


Mashpia part 22


The counting day 42
Malkhut in Yesod

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring


I hug the side
of your house

I grow in the shade

I throw a spindle of spines
symmetrical flowers

To the sky
this is how I pray

That big freeze in March?
no problem

I am a plant
I don’t know my name



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