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Counting of the Omer, 2007

Week 7 Intentions

Baruch atah adonay eloheynu melech ha'olam asher kidshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu al sefirat ha'omer.

Blessed are you, HASHEM, our God, who makes us holy with mitzvot and has commanded us to count the Omer.

Ha-yom sh'losha v'arbaim yom, shehaym shi-sha shavuot v'yom e-chad ba-omer. Today is forty-three days, which equals six week and one day of the Omer.

Chesed of Malkut

at the gate of the city
     Abraham and Sarah
            greet you with an embrace


Mashpia part 23
Day 43 of the Counting
Chesed in Malkhut

Mashpia is an influence, spiritual mentoring

I have no idea what
         You are talking about

You are making
         No sense

I see your lips

Out of your mouth

Tell me again

You think
         I should do

You know how much
        I depend on you


I look deep into your eyes
connecting to Soul

Michele C. Long

Ha-yom arba-a v'arbaim yom, shehaym shi-sha shavuot ushnay yamim ba-omer. Today is forty-four days, which equals six weeks and two days of the Omer

Gevurah of Malkut

within the ramparts of the city
      the stones whisper to each other
            shalom, shalom.


Today is Day 44 of the Counting
Mashpia part 24

Gevurah in Malkhut

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring


In the town where I was

A man of commerce stopped
opened a shop

Sold hats under the name

Louis had red hats yellow hats
straw hats

Louis had white hats cowboy hats
Borsolino hats

He met a woman they had
a child

Watched the river rise
and fall

Year after descending

In the earthly

His son Henry sells hats
green hats blue hats

"Thank God my Daddy
landed here"



In my counting of the Omer,

I learn that while I count each day,

I make each day count.

In one breath I find myself creating my past today, As I live into my future.

And, as I count each day of my Spiritual rebirth,

I climb these soul-filled steps

From my lowest lows to strive to reach my highest heights.

Blessed is each day.


thank you to all who contribute to my life.


Michele C. Long

Ha-yom chami-sha v'arbaim yom, shehaym shi-sha shavuot u'shelosha yamim ba-omer. Today is forty-five days, which equals six weeks and three days of the Omer.

Tiferet of Malkut

in the heart of the city
     there is a fountain
           for drink and delight


It's day 45 of the counting
Tiferet in Malkhut


Permission to enter
the palace


Yearning to enter
the palace

Blessed to observe
the palace

Draw the palace sing
the palace

Write the palace
of course

Permission to enter the


?? -- (ask




One never need ask
Permission to re-create
The Palace within.

Michele C. Long

Ha-yom shi-sha v'arbaim yom, shehaym shi-sha shavuot v'arba-a yamim ba-omer.Today is forty-six days, which equals six weeks and four days of the Omer.

Netzach of Malkut

along the streets of the city
      visitors and citizens come
           and go without fear.


It's day 46 of the Counting

Netzach in Malkhut


The End of Wilderness


Every stop necessary

Refresh and review

Breathe someone said


What else

Can we do?



Once auto-pilot,

My breathing now a blessing,

Is intentional.

Michele C. Long

Ha-yom shiva v'arbaim yom, shehaym shi-sha shavuot va'chami-sha yamim ba-omer.Today is forty-seven days, which equals six weeks and five days of the Omer.

Hod of Malkut

the bazaars of the city
      offer all manner of goods;
            no-one leaves empty.


Day 47 of the Counting
Mashpia part 24
Hod in Malkhut

Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring

Tell me what
                You remember best

We live in the center

Something tenacious lets go
                Of Us

Why of all things do you
                Recall that?

Because the soul is the

And the Neshamah is the

We remember they are linked

And when the soul longs the most
                We learn


Ha-yom shemonah v'arbaim yom, shehaym shi-sha shavuot v'shi-sha yamim ba-omer. Today is forty-eight days, which equals six weeks and six days of the Omer.

Yesod of Malkut

beneath the wall of the city
     the cornerstone reads "justice,
            justice you shall pursue."


Today is Day 48 of the Counting
Yesod in Malkhut

Mashpia, part 25
Mashpia is an influence, a spiritual mentoring


Choose the mystical
About the mundane --

You don't have to count

If you count
The Omer

As the Rebbes said
Personal service

Is greater even than
Rebbe study

Because everything can be

By watching someone
Tie her shoes



This Year I learned To Count

This is the year I learned to count with meaning…

One… Count each day

Two… Make each day count.

Three…Counting my blessings with gratitude acknowledges their existence.

Four… Counting my friends is not equal to the friends I can count on

Five ... Counting the moments until my next campfire

Six… Counting the endless hours I have to unveil all that lay before me

Seven…Counting my loved ones to discover that number has miraculously multiplied!

Eight…Counting with joy the moments until we meet again instead of counting with sadness the moments we are apart

Nine… Counting the endless stars in the sky and the many grains of sands to remind me of the countless blessings I have been given

Ten… Counting on the Torah to reveal new teachings each time I open it.

Eleven…Counting that important “dash” between the day I was born and the day I move on

Twelve… Counting the awakening of each of my senses in every moment of my life

Thirteen…Counting the beats of my heart to find they grow faster at different times of enjoyment

Fourteen…Counting the error of my ways, mourning my mistakes and learning from them

Fifteen… Realizing that you can count on me

Sixteen… Counting the nanoseconds that turn into seconds, that turn into minutes, that turn into hours, that turn into days, until the next Shabbat

Seventeen… Counting the times of laughter that carry me through the times of sadness

Eighteen… Counting everything as a miracle

Nineteen… and still counting on Life, and you, teaching me much more

And number Twenty… someone pointed out to me today: I count!

Michele C. Long

Ha-yom tisha v'arbaim yom, shehaym shiv-a shavuot ba-omer. Today is forty-nine days, which equals seven weeks of the Omer.

Malkut of Malkut

Yours, O YHVH, is the greatness, and the strength and the beauty and the victory and the glory; for everything in heaven and on earth is yours.Yours is the kingdom, YHVH, and you are exalted as head above all. (from the morning service, 1 Chronicles 29:11).


It makes no difference whether I write or not.  They will look for other meanings, even in my silence.  That's how they are.  Blind to revelation.  Malkhut is Malkhut, and that's that.

But try telling Them.  They of little faith.

So I might as well stay here, wait, and look at the hill.

It's so beautiful.

Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum.


It's day 49 of the Counting
Malkhut in Malkhut

The Night Before the Wedding

The night before the wedding
All the companions adorn the bride
She preparing these seven weeks
Now the meeting with her lover
[The repairs would be made later]

Day of the wedding the supernal mother descends All the souls named by God one by one Blessed interpretations everything new One seamless integrated document All of this told through radiating light The telling a lightning of words


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