The Neve Shalom Program

Friday evening

Shabbes celebration, called Kabbalat Shabbat, welcoming Shabbat every Friday night in a gentle, airy, meditative, musical way. The first Friday of the month, we add an earlier service at the Covenant House on the south side of the complex at 6 PM.

Saturday morning

Shabbes celebration of a different character, with study, both for children and adults, emphasizing the basic skills of Jewish life, language skills, learning, Torah study, music, history, Jewish culture, culminating with a Shabbat morning prayer service.

Hebrew Literacy

We feature teaching Jewish literacy at Neve Shalom with a special emphasis on Jewish languages, and specifically (but not only) Hebrew. We are prepared to teach a student, child or adult, a Hebrew discipline based on individual level. We teach our children Hebrew on Wednesday afternoons, in addition to Saturday morning Hebrew classes and tutorials.


Farbrengen means “gathering” in Yiddish; it is a Chassidic custom of sharing a meal around the community table, prayer and singing our liturgy and songs in the same space where we eat. We hold Farbrengens ordinarily on Friday evenings.

Jacob’s Pillow

Jacob’s Pillow is the performance art showcase for the music and story telling arts developed in a sacred space. It is a coffeehouse with ceremony. We hold Jacob’s Pillow ordinarily on Saturday night, with Havdalah.

We have various celebrations throughout the year based on
the cycle of Jewish time and special topics and teachers.

High Holidays

We celebrate the High Holidays for the last several years at the Covanant House, across the parking lot from the Jewish Community Center, so we can open our community to anyone who desires to pray with us this time of year. This was our schedule last year.

High Holidays at the Covenant House

Schuetz Road Staenberg Campus

This is where we've been the last few years. It's working out nicely.

Note: don't forget: High Holiday Services at the Covenant House* this year

*Join us across the parking lot from JCC at the Covenant House synagogue



We have developed a series of teachings relating to Sukkot called the traveling Sukkah, where we meet at various members’ homes, and study and celebrate Sukkot together.


The celebration of the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the great story master and inspiration to the Jewish story and spirit tradition. We tell Rabbi Nachman’s stories, sing his songs, and add our own offerings to the creative legacy he has left us. During Sukkot.


Celebrating the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, on or near the date of the 19th of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan (the month after Sukkot). We sing the songs of Reb Shlomo and tell his stories to honor his memory and the creative activities that he developed.

Hanukkah Farbrengen

Pot luck, teachings, and prayers around the communal Shabbes table, celebrating Hanukkah and all it represents.

Tu B’Shvat Seder

Celebrating the renewal of Tu B’Shvat through the kabbalistic custom of the fruit and nut seder.

Passover Farbrengen

Pot luck, teachings, and prayers around the communal Shabbes table just before or during Passover, celebrating Passover and all it represents.

Passover Seder

Community seder, open to everyone, at the Creve Coeur Community Center.


Celebrating Bar Yochai, on Lag B’omer, raising the teachings and stories of the paradigmatic Jewish mystical hero, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Shavuot Farbrengen

Pot luck, teachings, and prayers around the communal Shabbes table, celebrating Shavuot and all it represents.

Summertime Jacob’s Pillow

We are adding new sessions every year to the Jacob’s Pillow coffeehouse schedule, including a summertime memorial to The Night of Murdered Poets, and a special concert devoted to the myth of organized crime (that’s correct).

Online Learning

We are preoccupied with learning in all forms, including our online sharing through the Neve Shalom website and listservs, as well as other special online activities, such as a unique Omer interactive offering every year between Passover and Shavuot.

Special Teachings

Neve Shalom has hosted special series of teachings, usually given once a year, open to the entire community.

The Secrets

A workshop, in three parts, on the subjects of the Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism: the Secret of Shabbat, The Secret of Sexuality, The Secret of Prayer.

Jewish Meditation

A series of teachings on the inner traditions of Judaism, as developed by Rabbi Goodman, in a series called Ayin: When the Most that Can Be Said About Something is Nothing.

Jewish Practices

A series, usually on Shabbat afternoon, devoted to experimenting and developing deeper Jewish spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, sacred study, sacred song, chant, inner singing, the art of the niggun, poetry writing, the limits are the limits of our imaginations.

On-going teachings and studies

Neve Shalom is always prepared to train children and/or adults, meeting them at their present level of Hebrew skills or other Jewish studies. We teach a kids Klezmer Band that performs at many of our celebrations and elsewhere. We provide individualized Bar and Bat Mitzvah training.

Neve shalom has also developed a series of teachings from many aspects of Jewish spirituality, Jewish religious skills, and artistic expression, led by Rabbi Goodman.


Shalvah is the addictions outreach arm of Neve Shalom. We sponsor many teachings, meetings, and other events on subjects occasioned by addiction to the entire Jewish community and beyond. Shalvah’s funds are kept and distributed independently from Neve Shalom.

Jewish Prison Outreach

Rabbi Goodman is one of the founder and active members of the Jewish Prison Outreach, serving Jews in prison throughout the state of Missouri.

Children of Abraham

Rabbi Goodman is active in the Children of Abraham, promoting peace between Arabs and Jews.


Have I forgotten anything? This is a work in progress, comments and additions to:
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